Art and the Environment

ducks on the water with golden light in the reflections

Nature is endlessly creative.

Everyday an unfathomable amount of life is created, seeds sprout and start growing, innumerable creatures are born, and at the same time life ends for some. To me nature is the greatest artist, shaping and changing everything around us all at the same time. The sun shines in the morning, the fog creeps in the afternoon, branches fall and new ones sprout.

Humans are also a part of nature, but we have lost our reverence. Nature is treated as utilitarian, as quantities, amounts of resources and commodities that can be harvested, mined, plowed, extracted then bought and sold. We attempt to reign in this creativity to serve our needs and neglect the health of the whole.

We are at a point where we need to fundamentally change how we relate to our biosphere. See it not as an object serving our needs, but as its own life force which we are obliged to nurture as it nurtures us. If we are to go forward we must go back and relearn the things we have lost. Seek out those who still have the knowledge of how to live in balance and find ways of giving back. Through tapping into our own creativity which also comes from the earth, and learning to live in a more artful way that respects the limits of our living giving planet.

This is where I see artists playing a role, helping bring awareness of the need for changing the relationship between our species and the earth. We see ourselves as separate but we are actually one and as we damage the earth, we are also damaging ourselves. It is up to us to change this.

Written by jennalex

Artist and designer who explores the relationship between the natural world and the digital world and aims to create art and design that expands people's consciousness and creates meaningful experiences.

November 9, 2021