Global Cooling

What I have learned from practicing daily meditation


Today marks four years since I started meditating every day for at least ten minutes a day. It has been a tumultuous time globally and personally and I have been able to weather the storms with what I like to think is a little bit of skill thanks to this daily practice. Thinking back on what a conflicted, tormented and anxious place I was in when I started, really I tried meditation out of sheer desperation, it pains me to remember that time. I had exhausted all the options I could think of and didn’t know what else to try so I decided to try this. It’s been a real lifesaver. Sitting and watching your mind regularly helps you see how easy it is to get caught in unhelpful patterns of thought, how the mind just grinds away, jumping from thing to thing. Some days sitting is really easy and you can quiet your mind and focus on your breath and other days it’s short attention span theater up in there. I like to wake up early and meditate first thing to set the tone for the day. Occasionally, one of my daughters will be up early and they’ll sit with me for a bit until they get bored. Mostly, though I have the early mornings to myself and it helps me be more patient with them when one of them (who will remain nameless) delays and fights me about getting out of the house and going to school.

To further support this effort I have read many, many books by great Buddhist thinkers and mindfulness teachers, as well as psychology books to gain a greater understanding of the sometimes frustrating and perplexing qualities of human beings. Bjork was not wrong when she said there’s definitely, definitely, definitely no logic in human behavior. Keeping that in mind I can see better where my own self gets off track and try to gently guide it back to stillness.

To get through this time, I have tried many different ways to find a path through the inner mire. Meditation has been one of the most essential ways to come out to a place with more light. To get to a better place it helps to work on what is happening internally and do the work that no one is ever going to see and that brings no external rewards, but is itself its own reward.

“Global Cooling”: collage

Written by jennalex

Artist and designer who explores the relationship between the natural world and the digital world and aims to create art and design that expands people's consciousness and creates meaningful experiences.

October 1, 2022