The War

you can win
every battle
and still lose
the war

every time
you push down
it breaks
a little more
until finally
it collapses
inside and
becomes shards
in a million
no way to
put it back

set free
floating over
the remnants
wondering what
was the need
for such

something beautiful
lies in waste
because someone
wanted to win
and wasn’t able
to care

Where's Josie?

walking in the door
always guessing
where you’d be
sometimes it
was obvious
you were
right there
crying out
lonely, hungry
upset and
in need
of a hug
I’d pick you up
and pull you to
my heart
and feel the joy
of return
the welcome
sharing of a life

we talked
we chatted
you always
let me know
what you wanted
what you needed
and it pleased
me to be
your servant
we snuggled
we napped
you sat with me
while I worked
giving reason
to the day
taking away
my loneliness

to hear you purr
to hear you
breathe deep
in the pleasure
of knowing love
was my
greatest reward
for saving you
from uncertainty
the clicks
of your paws
as you walked
down the hall
the soft plop
as you landed
on the bed
those were
the sounds
I waited for
before it
was safe
to sleep again
in the comfort
of love

you my dearest friend
have gone on
to whatever awaits
and I am here
missing you
and your sounds
the warmth of
your body
the smell of
your breath
and left
wondering where
you are

The Fortress and the Field

I stood before the walls
looking up
it seemed like an eternity
noting their perfection and precision,
wondering what was protected inside?
how well armed were they?
I had no weapons or armour

days passed as I stood, years gone
brief appearences thrilled me
I called out
climbed over stones
my arms weren’t long enough
I didn’t have the strength
there was nowhere for me to enter

One day I walked away
looking for a field
to plant my tree
a place with good light,
a warm breeze and water.


What is the value
of a person?
Is it what
they can do
for you?
Is it their
What they earn?
degrees? looks?
net worth?
personal style?
physical prowess?
work ethic?
why do some
deserve more
and others less?
who creates
the scale?
what determines
the worth?
does it correlate
with power?

what measures
the heart?
what rests
in the soul?
do kindness
and compassion
do accumulated sorrows
add value
or subtract it?
is giving from
your heart
what added together
equals joy?
when all
is stripped away
isn’t everyone
worth something?

The Giant

Looking up
before me
I see time
rushing back
branches converging
in awe I stand
a fraction of
a second
my life
in your span
I see leviathans
marching around
and then

how have you
persisted against
such great odds?
from a small seed
you grow into
a giant
the forces
pitted against you
the sun shining
down and so
you grow
over the millenia
holding on
to a fraction
of space
to tower over me
and I stand
humbled in
your presence


the space
once occupied
the dwelling
packed up
now released
free to wander
without judgement
flowing with
energetic force
for so long
from wounds
that ran
so deep
it was lost
swept away
leaving the ground
ready for
something else



what matters?
the heart
the pain
the love
little ones
crying at night
missing you
wrapping my arms
around tight
to hold
their sorrows
close to
my heart
wishing I could
take their pain
into me
and transform it
into more love
the engine
that will drive
them through life
knowing they
were held


living with
this darkness
always present
never there
resting in the flicker
no chance for escape
i wish
i could run
or that you
would leave
but we are stuck
bound together
shining times
long forgotten

Dark Blanket

from deep inside
darkness pours forth
a blanket of shadows falls
wrapping tightly
everything suffocating
where once there
danced all manner
of beings
only stillness prevails
a gentle movement
continues without song
without life


I see you
every day
but you are
not here
I don’t know
if I will
ever see you

When I look
in your direction
my heart swells
I miss
what never was
or may never be

my healing
is nascent
fresh, tender
will it
turn into
a hard shell
or will it
open again

for now
I sit
in pain
with longing
sorrows surrounded
by shadows
for so long
I wonder
when I might
see the sun


a little piece drops
grabbing hungrily
for a taste
a reminder that
I matter
then silence
or punishment
not worthy
of sustenance
then a full slice
or even a loaf
filled up
belly full
could this go on
or will it end?

inevitably nothing
for a long long time
the pain
in the belly grows
growls strengthen
the anger comes
crumbs are dangled
what can I do
to get it
to nourish
feed myself
does it matter?
it does to me
but not to you
who does not see
with compassion
the person
in need of