Viva la Vida – Part 1

Viva la Vida – Part 1

Viva la Vida – Part 1

Jumping in the air

For Spring Break this year, my daughters traveled with their dad to visit family in Brazil and I had an extremely rare week to myself. I thought about sticking around SF, working and taking care of the millions of things I never have time to do, which was actually very appealing, a chance to organize, finish some art I’ve been working on, get moving on some creative plans or I could take off and do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, visit Mexico City. The last several years have been really hard for a lot of different reasons so having a chance to hopefully have a little fun was very appealing.

The first time I attempted to visit Mexico City was when I planned a family trip to Mexico in February 2020 for our summer vacation. Some friends from Brazil were coming to join us. I put together an itinerary starting with Mexico City and ending at the beach in Oaxaca. The accommodations were booked, the plane tickets purchased, then the world closed down. No trip to Mexico for us that year. 

Not long after my marriage crumbled to the ground after years of deep rumbling. That family trip would now never happen. Sometimes the harder you try to make things better the worse they get. Surrending to the reality that a situation is harmful and it is better to let it go, is actually a kindness to yourself and the other person.

Going it Alone

Traveling solo for pleasure hasn’t been an option since becoming a mom and it is something I’ve enjoyed doing as long as I can remember. Having time alone to explore and go at your own pace gives an opportunity for thought and contemplation and for making all the calls about what you are going to do. It makes it easier to meet new people or to take in your experience unfiltered through companions.

Traveling with kids tends to limit how much you can realistically do as their interests are different and they usually don’t have the energy to cover as much ground. Traveling with friends or a partner can mean that you have to temper what you’d really like to do to accommodate their preferences and predilections. I decided to go for it. Vegan restaurants every night! The organizing would have to wait. I relished this rare moment to myself.

Written by jennalex

Artist and designer who explores the relationship between the natural world and the digital world and aims to create art and design that expands people's consciousness and creates meaningful experiences.

May 1, 2024