The Abomination – Part 1

bomb living room

The Abomination

Part I

It’s a strange thing to find yourself in possession of a bomb. It was never something I sought out but it found its way to me.

My thoughts and experience around bombs are rather fraught. Having grown up next to the largest military base in the United States, I was quite familiar with them. Not that we had them lodged underground in the neighborhood like some kids around the world do. At the base they would regularly do target practice and drop bombs during the day which shook the walls of the house and my school.

I didn’t see them so much as I heard and felt them. It is a weird thing to hear a noise so loud and to feel the physical vibration and know that you were not in imminent danger. Of course, many children around the world actually are in grave danger when they hear these sounds. For the people in my hometown it represented preparation for the possibility of their eventual lethal use and the danger of themselves or their loved ones going off to battle. This was during the peak of the cold war so there was always the lingering threat that one day the worst would happen. The effect of this for me was to think what a waste this all was and why didn’t we put our efforts towards healthy creative endeavors instead of destructive ones? It is a weird thing that humans do, waging war against each other. It seems so primitive and unnecessary. Building things up only to tear them apart again.

So how did I end up with a bomb?

The discards of civilization and society interest me and my friends know this so one day my friend, St. Joe of Rock n’ Roll, who would buy storage units that had been abandoned and would come across all sorts of crazy things asked me if I wanted a bomb. “What now?” I asked, not sure I really understood what he said, so he repeated it and once I got the idea I said “Yes” pretty enthusiastically and he brought it down to my studio. Seriously, what would we do without our friends!

It isn’t a live bomb (of course!) it is a practice bomb, a water and sand fill. To get really specific it is an MK-15 100lb bomb used in the 1960s-1970s for target practice.

I started working on it years ago but it was put on hold while I attended to my younglings. It’s been sitting in my living room in its state of partial completion and now is the time for me to finish it. Once again my friends are helping. My friend the amazing artist and one of the sweetest people I know, Dana Albany, helped me weld a piece on to it, and another friend helped me prepare it so that I can add lights inside. A whole bunch of items have been waiting to be added and I can’t wait to finally put them on, now that I have some of the trickier parts ready to go. I’ll report on how it develops.


Although I am in possession of a bomb, it is a completely inert object and never had or ever will contain anything harmful or explosive, unless ideas are deemed dangerous. It is merely being used as a vehicle for artistic expression. I am 100% committed to the cause of peace and non-violence.

Written by jennalex

Artist and designer who explores the relationship between the natural world and the digital world and aims to create art and design that expands people's consciousness and creates meaningful experiences.

May 1, 2023